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Where the pavement ends and the hunt begins

Our area provides so many options for hunting and fishing it will be hard for you to decide the best time to come and join us.


As geese and ducks migrate in the fall and spring they travel the central flyway. We are located strategically on the flyway where millions of geese and ducks stop over on their way north and south. You will have easy access to many lakes, sloughs and cropland acres on which to hunt thousands of local ducks and also harvest migrating waterfowl as they fly the central flyway.


Some of the best pheasant hunting is found right here in southeastern North Dakota. We have over 4,000 acres of private land where the pheasants run wild.


Deer hunting (white-tailed) is also one of our favorites, whether you'd like to hunt with a bow, muzzleloader, or rifle. We have access to prime deer habitat from shelter belts and cropland to CRP.


In addition, great fishing options are also available, depending on time of year for ice fishing or fishing in open waters. Fish to catch include walleye, perch, northern pike, crappies, and of course, the ND delicacy - bullheads.


For season dates, bag limits, and license requirements, check out the North Dakota Game and Fish Department's Website.

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